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If you've ever wasted time looking for that one oil that you think you might have bought recently, only to find that you actually just intended to buy it and don't actually have it, this app is for you.

If you've ever placed an order in a rush only to find that you'll be adding yet another bottle of [insert go-to oil here] to your collection, this app is for you.

If you spend more than 5 minutes at tax time trying to figure out exactly what you can deduct as a business expense when it comes to online purchases for your Essential Oils business, this app is for you!

Save time, make better decisions, and track your inventory and spending trends, all in one place.

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From unboxed inventory to in-use bottles of oil around your house, it's rare to get a solid handle on exactly what your stock of oils looks like at a given moment, especially if you are serious about pursuing this as a business. Put our technology to work keeping things organized and digitally at your fingertips.

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Packed With Awesome Features

The EO Inventory App helps you keep track of the most vital parts of your business!

Auto-Import Orders NEW

Use our custom bookmarklet to sync your order details with our system!

Contacts! NEW

Track all interactions with Leads and Contacts, creating a timeline of your business-related relationship


Run reports to view spending summaries over a given time range. Great for tax purposes!


We have built the EO Inventory App to meet and exceed the highest standards. Your data remains safe from prying eyes, period.

Built for Teams

Is your account owned by an LLC? Do you have business partners that you need to coordinate with? We've got you covered.

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We are here to serve you and answer any questions you have. Your satisfaction is our goal.

I'm LOVING the app! It's amazing! Nathan is so open to suggestions and gets things done quickly! It's awesome!

Crysty C

This is terrific! Thanks so much!!

Donna S

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The EO Inventory App is not a native phone app (yet), but it sure feels like one when you visit our site on your mobile browser. Get to your data anytime, anywhere and experience all the efficiencies you will come to expect.

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